Operation Identification

What is Operation Identification?
Operation Identification is a nationwide program to discourage burglary and provide a way for victims to recover their stolen property. Properly marked property, once recovered by the police, can be returned to its rightful owner. Keeping an inventory of your property is also beneficial.
With what do I mark my property?
Property can be marked with an engraving pen, a sharp tool, invisible marker, or permanent marker. Photographing and/or video taping are also effective ways to document your property.

Should I use my Social Security Number?
No, you should not. Federal regulations governing the identity of Social Security registrants make the numbers impossible to trace.

Where should I mark my property?
Property should be marked in an area that cannot be easily dismantled and is easily seen, preferably near the manufacturer's serial number. Do not engrave or mark property on removable parts, such as doors, lids, plates, etc. Property that is obviously marked is often ignored by a burglar because it is more difficult to dispose of.
What type of property should be marked?
Bicycles, televisions, stereos, tape recorders, cd & dvd players, cameras, appliances, sporting goods, guns, typewriters, computers, video games, sewing machines, clocks, power tools, lawn mowers, outboard motors, golf clubs, hubcaps, mag wheels.

What if I have property that cannot be marked?
Items that cannot be marked, such as antiques, china, coins, etc, should be photographed in color with your identification. A complete description of the article should be written on the back of the photograph. Use a Polaroid or digital camera for photographing your valuables. DO NOT USE A 35MM; you do not know who is developing your film.
What if I do not have an electric engraver?
Contact your local law enforcement agency and ask if they have an engraver you can borrow for a few days. Many agencies have engravers just for this purpose and can also provide you with decals for your doors and/or windows so potential burglars know you participate in Operation Identification.