Senior Citizen Safety

For Seniors

  • Staying active in your community will help you to feel safer, and help make your neighborhood a safer place to live.
  • Join a Neighborhood, Apartment, Window Watch, or Citizen Patrol.
  • Become a foster grandparent or block parent for children who may need help in an emergency.
  • If a friend has been the victim of crime, be supportive. Listen carefully and don't be judgmenta. Cook a meal, help repair damage or replace belongings. Accompany the victim to the police station and to court. Ask the crime prevention officer from your local police department to talk to your Senior Citizen's group.

Fraud Schemes

Senior Citizens and Fraud Schemes Statistics by the American Association of Retired Persons show that older citizens are the victims of fraudulent schemes more than any other group of citizens. One way to keep informed about the latest fraud schemes is to read your local newspaper. Be skeptical about any proposal which needs to be kept a "secret" or sounds too good to be true. Do not make quick decisions. Check out any proposal with friends, lawyers, the police department, Better Business Bureau, or the State Consumer Affairs Department.

Be especially aware of:

  • "Get rich quick" schemes for which you have to put up "good faith" money.
  • "Good deals" on expensive repair or home improvement jobs.
  • Investments that promise unusually large returns.
  • Someone claiming you owe money for an item ordered by a deceased spouse or relative.
  • Work-at-home, door-to-door sales, supplemental Medicare insurance, miracle cures, glasses or hearing aids at bargain prices.
  • If you are the victim of fraud, call the police immediately.