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If you have been the victim of a crime, please contact your local law enforcement agency. Law Enforcement Agency links within Butler County can be found here.


Main Number: 513-887-3474
Fax: 513-887-3489

Mailing Address:

Butler County Prosecuting Attorney
P.O. Box 515
Hamilton, OH 45012

Office Location:

Butler County Government Services Ctr.
315 High Street - 11th Floor
Hamilton, OH 45011

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Juvenile Division Victim/Witness:

Butler County Juvenile Justice Center
280 North Fair Avenue
Hamilton, OH 45011-4251

Division Fax Numbers:

Administration: 785-5206
Civil: 887-3748
CNS: 785-6390
Felony: 887-3489
Grand Jury (5th Fl): 785-5770
Grand Jury (11th Fl): 785-6333
Juvenile: 887-3875
Child Assault Task Force: 785-5131
Victim/Witness: 785-5131
Victim/Witness -Juvenile: 887-5589

Alphabetical List of Assistant Prosecutors:

Baker, Garrett - White Collar

Baker, Michael - Non-Support

Bissell, Scott - Felony

Burress, Brad - Felony

Chadrick, Kraig - Felony

Concannon, Willa - Appellate

Ferguson, Dan - Civil

Gerrity, Kevin - Civil

Gmoser, Michael - Prosecutor

Greer, Michael - Appellate

Haferkamp, Shannon - Juvenile

Heile, Kelly - Child/Sexual Assault

Heinkel, John - Appellate

Hon, Mike - Felony

Kiesey, Cassandra - Mental Health Board

Kimmel, Ashley - Juvenile

Lee, Lisa - Juvenile

Marshall, Jon - Felony

Monk, Jim - Juvenile

Muennich, Josh - Felony

Nardiello, Mary Ann - Civil

Kiesey, Cassandra - Mental Health Board

Peduzzi, Ed - Juvenile

Phillips, Dan - Felony

Rodkey, Jessica - Area II

Schlessman, Jeff - Area I

Schlessman, Kelly - Juvenile

Sheehan, Lindsay - Child/Sexual Assault

Taylor, Colleen - Juvenile

Wagner, Stephen - Appellate

Welp, Jackie - Juvenile

Yowler, Phil - Area III/Juvenile