Criminal Division

Adult Felony Division

The Adult Felony Division manages the prosecution of all felony crimes which occur in Butler County. In the event that an indictment is returned by the Butler County Grand Jury, the Common Pleas Court schedules an arraignment, after which a case may be scheduled for trial.

In preparation of trial, a prosecutor must complete discovery, wherein the defense attorney is provided with all evidence the prosecutor intends to use. One of the necessary skills of an assistant prosecutor is the ability to paint a picture of the events in order for a jury to visualize the crime occurring. An assistant prosecutor must be articulate and able to think on their feet. They must be prepared to respond quickly to the unexpected twists and turns of a trial. The ultimate objective is the pursuit of the truth, and when that is achieved, the public has been properly served.

Criminal Non-Support

The Criminal Non-Support Department is a specialized unit of the Prosecutor's Office designated with the sole task of identifying and prosecuting parents who have failed to support their children here in Butler County. Our goal is to bring these individuals to justice in order to recoup outstanding funds owed to the custodial parents who are faced with the burden of raising children without financial assistance.

White Collar Crime

The Butler County Prosecutor's Office White Collar Crime/Consumer Fraud Unit has expanded over the past few years and taken on several challenging cases. The unit has prosecuted numerous cases involving embezzlement, con schemes, consumer fraud, bank fraud, identity fraud, document forgery and other miscellaneous cases.

The Prosecutor's Office plans to further expand the White Collar Crime Unit and sees the prosecution of financial crime as an area of growing responsibility for the office. When businesses, banks, and insurance companies are victimized, it hurts us all.

Child Assault Task Force

The Butler County Prosecutor's Office is an integral part of the county's Child Assault Task Force. The Child Assault Task Force is dedicated to providing a coordinated system for the investigation of reports of child abuse, as well as services to child victims.

Area Courts

The Butler County Area Courts handle misdemeanor level cases, as well as the initial stage of felony cases. Each of the three Area Courts only has jurisdiction over cases that arise within their geographical boundaries and each has separate specific boundaries. Where as the municipalities of Hamilton, Fairfield and Middletown have their own prosecutors, the Butler County Prosecutor's Office is responsible for the trying of cases in the Area Courts. Click here for more information about our Area Courts  

Adult Felony Attorneys
Brad Burress (Chief)
Scott Bissell
Kraig Chadrick
Michael Hon
Jon Marshall
Josh Muennich
Dan Phillips
Child/Sexual Assault Attorneys
Kelly Heile (Chief)
Lindsay Sheehan
Non-Support Attorneys
Michael Baker

White Collar Crime Attorneys
Gloria Sigman