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Sullivan Ford Sentenced to 18 Month For Assault on a Police Officer
January 28, 2009
While the snow falls, so too does the gavel of justice. A jury found Sullivan Ford, a 26-year old Mt. Healthy man, guilty of Assault on a Police Officer, a fourth degree felony and Obstructing Official Business, a felony of the fifth degree. On September 21, 2008, off-duty Butler County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Mike Webb came out of his apartment to quiet a noisy dispute between the defendant and a female companion. Ford told the Deputy he did not care that Webb was a deputy and became combative with the deputy. Deputy Webb and Ford engaged in a lengthy struggle until Fairfield Police Officers arrived to assist. The Deputy received numerous injuries, including a severe bite to his arm. After officers arrived, Ford continued to struggle and resist arrest despite being handcuffed. Prosecutor Piper stated, “Assaulting a police officer is serious business, that’s why it is a felony. Domestic disturbances often become emotional, but an officer’s presence should calm matters, not escalate them. Fighting with the police is a losing proposition.” After the jury rendered its verdict, Judge Sage immediately sentenced Ford to 18 months in prison.
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