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Jury Finds William Drew Millwer Guilty in Drug Charges
January 28, 2009
A Butler County jury came back with guilty verdicts pertaining to William Drew Miller, a 20-year old Hamilton resident. The police had executed a search warrant at the defendants’ address on Hunt Avenue and located approximately 75 marijuana plants being cultivated. The plants weighed approximately 4.5 kilos. Miller was charged with the Illegal Cultivation of Marijuana, as well as Possession of Marijuana, both third degree felonies punishable by 1-5 years incarceration. Miller has multiple prior convictions for offenses such as domestic violence, vandalism and drug abuse. During trial, the defendant attempted to implicate a female at the residence, however, it did not negate the fact that earlier at the scene Miller admitted to Hamilton detectives he was growing marijuana. Scales and other paraphernalia were also found inside the residence. Large plants, in various stages of maturity, were found outside in large pots. A large fence was used in an effort to conceal the plants from neighbors. Prosecutor Piper indicated “Miller has been in court on many occasions and continues to defy the law. For a young man, he is off to a very bad start. Miller wanted to exercise his right to dissuade the jury of his involvement, but it didn’t work.” Piper concluded, “If he doesn’t make a strong commitment to change his ways, Miller will wind-up in prison where you don’t even get to own a houseplant.” Sentencing is before Judge Pater on March 10, 2009 at 8:30 a.m. Judge Pater ordered that the defendant’s bond be revoked and ordered a pre-sentence investigation for purposes of sentencing.
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