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2009 Substance Abuse Prevention Project
March 02, 2009

The 2009 Substance Abuse Prevention Project announces through the Butler County Prosecutor, Robin Piper, the Prom and Graduation Summit Agenda to take place:

Friday, March 6, 2009
9:00AM -1:15PM
Johnson Hall
Miami University Middletown

Approximately 150 local students will attend to plan and formulate viable strategies for the safety of the upcoming prom and graduation season. Statistics and past circumstances will be shared with students. Students will have break-out sessions to discuss public service announcements and the various and best means to address the issues surrounding student safety and awareness. Each group of students will be expected to come up with strategies for implementing in their respective home districts and throughout the county. These will be shared to the over-all group; public service announcements will be evaluated and there will be displays on location. At 12:00 p.m., a news conference will take place before the student audience reviewing the strategies generated by the students and promoting the purpose, and support for, the Substance Abuse Prevention Project. One of the issues to be addressed is not only how to incorporate student awareness, but also adult awareness. Butler County Prosecutor Robin Piper will be speaking at this event, as well as, Tim Wurster who will speak as a witness regarding his personal tragedy involving drinking and driving.

Graduation risks will be minimized with proper planning and student participation. The media is invited to attend and film any and/or all of the events to occur. The media is encouraged to attend as public awareness is key in promoting strategies promoting prom and graduation safety. This project allows students to have open dialogue and to take responsibility for life and death decisions.

For additional information call Tom Kelechi at (513) 868-2100 ext. 221.

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For more information contact the Prosecutor's Office at (513) 887-3474
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