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September 04, 2009

(HAMILTON, OH) A Butler County Jury deliberated less than two hours before convicting Bill Clements, a 19-year-old Indiana man, of Attempted Aggravated Burglary with a gun, Tampering with Evidence, and Possession of Criminal Tools.

On October 30, 2008, Bill Clements, Curtis Wooten, and Jon Kleinberg drove to a Ross Township home, from Richmond, Indiana, thinking there was money and gold inside. These three individuals have also been convicted of burglaries in Preble County. Clements would knock on the door of the residence and when no one answered, they would force entry using a prybar. When Clements began knocking on the door of the Ross Township home, the homeowner was inside getting ready for work. The homeowner immediately called 911 and grabbed a firearm to protect himself. The homeowner yelled to Clements that he had a firearm and told him he needed to leave his property immediately. The three individuals fled, but were quickly apprehended by the Ross Township Police Department.

Just before the home invaders were pulled over, Clements threw a loaded .25 caliber out of the vehicle he was a passenger in. Inside the vehicle, police located a prybar, lug wrench, screwdriver, flashlights, pliers, cleaning wipes, and a spotting scope, all items commonly used by burglars when entering houses.

“These Wanna-Be Criminals picked houses out in the country that couldn’t be seen from the main road. They would bang on the door in an effort to make sure no one was at home and then they would break in and burglarize the residence. In our case, there was a resident at home who called police and because of the quick response of the Ross Township Police Department, the defendants were apprehended. Without officers on routine road patrols, you can’t have this kind of quick response,” Prosecutor Piper stated.

Clements faces up to 15 years when sentenced by Judge Craig Hedric on October 14, 2009 at 8:30a.m.

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