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Michael Dale Phillips Sentenced for 12th DUI Conviction
September 16, 2009

Michael Dale Phillips, a thirty-nine year old Hamilton man, was sentenced to seven years in prison and a lifetime driving suspension today for his 12th DUI conviction.

In the early morning hours of December 18, 2007, the Trenton Police Department received a phone call from a concerned citizen regarding an intoxicated driver. Trenton Police Officer Joseph Zianno was able to locate Defendant Phillips’ vehicle weaving across both lanes of travel on South First Street in the City of Trenton. Phillips had numerous open beer bottles in his vehicle, was unable to complete any field sobriety tests and became verbally abusive to the officer upon being taken to jail. Phillips has three prior felony DUI convictions and his license was already suspended for life.

“This man is a risk to himself and everyone else. The only way we are safe is if he is in jail. It’s sad that people need help and don’t pursue it. Thanks to a concerned citizen and responsive police officer this hazard has been removed from the roadway,” Prosecutor Piper stated.

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