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Thomas Joyce Receives 42-Years For Multiple Robberies
November 13, 2009

Thomas Joyce, a 33-year old, West Union man received a forty-two year prison sentence this morning by Common Pleas Judge Keith Spaeth, for his involvement in multiple pharmacy robberies in Butler County and subsequent chase to avoid arrest.

In April 2009, Joyce robbed a Walgreens Pharmacy in West Chester seeking prescription drugs. Joyce then fled the scene, being pursued by West Chester Township Police Officers on Interstate 75. During the chase, a West Chester police car accidently struck Officer Brandon Gehring of the Lockland Police Department. Officer Gehring was attempting to deploy stop sticks when he was struck. Joyce was apprehended shortly thereafter in Cincinnati.

Joyce plead guilty in September to 17 charges involving two previous pharmacy robberies in November 2008, along with the April robbery and chase.

Officer Gehring sustained life-threatening injuries, requiring him to spend months in the hospital recovering, but thankfully, is now back to work with the Lockland Police Department.

In commenting on the sentence, Prosecutor Piper stated, “Judge Spaeth made a strong pronouncement today - you can’t jeopardize the lives of innocent people and police officers and blame it on drugs. We all know the power of drug addiction is strong, but Thomas Joyce is still accountable for his reckless indifference to the lives of other people. Joyce has anointed himself as a messenger that playing ‘cops and robbers’ doesn’t work out for the robbers.”

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