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32-Year Old Woman Guilty of Arson
November 19, 2009

The Butler County Prosecutor announced today the successful prosecution of a woman charged with Arson. Simone Thomas, age 32, was found guilty of Arson by a jury on Tuesday. She then received a 15-month prison sentence the next day when sentenced by Butler County Common Pleas Judge Sage.

On June 4, 2009, a Butler County Sheriff’s Deputy, on routine patrol, observed a car on fire. As the deputy approached the scene he observed a truck speeding away. Defendant Thomas and her father, Edwin Johnson, were located in the truck attempting to hide in a driveway. During the trial, Thomas’ father took the stand and partly confessed to his role in the crime.

After just 2 hours, a jury returned a verdict of guilty of Arson against Thomas. Thomas’ father implicated himself and was indicted by a grand jury this morning. Edwin Johnson has been indicted for Complicity to Arson, Arson and Obstructing Justice.

“This woman is disturbed and her father is obviously part of the problem. We can only hope her stay in prison straightens her out. Her father, Edwin Johnson, will now be held accountable for his role in torching the car.” Prosecutor Robin Piper stated.

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