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Vincent Blanda Sentenced to Life For Murder of 5-month Old Daughter
February 22, 2010

Thirty-nine year old, Vincent Blanda of Hamilton was sentenced to life in prison today for the murder of his five month old daughter. Blanda was found guilty by a jury last month of Domestic Violence, Endangering Children, and Murder.

The Honorable Judge Patricia Oney sentenced Blanda to the maximum of six months on the Domestic Violence charge, the maximum of eight years on the Endangering Children charge, and a mandatory fifteen years to life on the Murder charge. Judge Oney ordered the Endangering Children charge to run consecutively to the Murder charge. Thus, Blanda will serve 23 years to life in prison.

“How anyone can intentionally brutalize a baby is beyond human comprehension. In the animal kingdom, there are some species that will hurt their own young....in a civilized world, we think of them as ‘predators’ preying on their own. Blanda will most likely never get out of prison, and in this case, that is a good thing,” Prosecutor Robin Piper stated.

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