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March 03, 2010

Kevin Ante, a 45-year old resident of Mason, was sentenced today to ten years in the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction and a lifetime driver’s license suspension for Operating a Vehicle Under the Influence and Driving Under Suspension, the maximum sentence permitted under Ohio law by Common Pleas Judge Michael Sage.

Ante, a serial OVI offender has been convicted of twenty-one Operating a Vehicle Under the Influence charges since the age of seventeen.

On December 13, 2009, at 3:00 A.M., Defendant Ante was pulled over on Route 42 and Butler-Warren Road by the West Chester Police. Ante attempted to avoid police for a quarter-mile, before pulling over. The officer immediately noticed an odor of alcohol and that the defendant seemed somewhat confused or unresponsive. In 2006, Ante was convicted of a DUI with priors and sentenced to 4 years in prison. He was released in September 2009, and approximately ninety days later he committed his twenty-first charge of Operating a Vehicle Under the Influence.

With regards to the sentence, Prosecutor Piper stated, “Obviously this guy wasn’t going to stop drinking and driving on his own. It is a miracle that Ante hasn’t killed himself or someone else while driving intoxicated over the years. At least we know he won’t be on the road for the next ten years. This guy deserved the maximum sentence of ten years - he’s 45, he’s been incarcerated numerous times for driving drunk and he simply refuses to stop. He’s been convicted 21 times and unfortunately, while the Court prefers to offer help, the only way the public is going to be safe is if he’s locked up.”

Prosecutor Piper concluded by saying, “He could buy a six pack and sit on his back porch, but instead he chooses to get in a car and drive, exposing us all to death or serious injury - he has to be locked up.”

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