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18-Year Old Earns 10 Years for Armed Robbery of Tom's Cigar Store
May 26, 2010

Jerome Golston an 18-year old, Hamilton man, received 10 years in prison today for his part in an armed robbery at Tom’s Cigar Store.

On January 28, 2010, two masked men entered Tom’s Cigar, one armed with a firearm, and demanded money from the clerk. One of the masked men jumped the counter in an attempt to get into the cash register. Unable to get into the register, the masked robbers fled the store. Several citizens in the area saw the masked men flee the store and enter a nearby residence. Officers with the Hamilton Police Department were able to apprehend defendants Jerome Golston and Scott Jones inside the residence.

A search warrant allowed police to recover the two masks and loaded gun used in the robbery. Defendant Scott Jones, a juvenile, was also indicted by the Butler County Grand Jury for his role in the armed robbery, and is currently scheduled for trial on June 7, 2010 before Judge Keith Spaeth.

Prosecutor Piper stated, “Tom’s Cigar Store is a Hamilton landmark. We went there as kids just to look around. The idea of someone thinking they could get away with robbing the place is an ultimate crime of stupidity. The Hamilton Police Department had these guys nailed before they had time to think twice. We can’t have innocent store clerks and customers exposed to such reckless danger. The ten years in prison was well earned for this particular eighteen-year old.”

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