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Teenager Receives 31 Year Prison Sentence
August 02, 2010

Juvenile Michael Miles was sentenced today to 31-years in prison following his guilty plea to four first degree felonies for his involvement in the October 10, 2009 home invasion and rape of a Middletown woman.

Miles, a 17-year old, who was bound over from juvenile court, pled guilty this morning to aggravated robbery, aggravated burglary, kidnapping and rape, with firearm specifications.

Miles, along with co-defendants, Jad Holmes (age 20) and Cory Isreal (age 19), all of Middletown, forced their way into the victim’s home on Arlington Avenue at gunpoint wearing masks. The victim, in her early twenties, was robbed and raped. According to the prosecutor’s office, the sexual assault nurse described the injuries sustained by the victim as the worst she’d seen in her career.

Cory Isreal has received a 43-year sentence for his involvement. Holmes is scheduled to be sentenced by Judge Noah Powers on August 24, 2010.

Prosecutor Piper stated, “A home invasion by three guys, resulting in the brutality of rape, is the kind of horror that nightmares are made of. Our prayers must be offered for victims who suffer such atrocities. Some criminals are just blood-thirsty cannibals who need to be put away. Miles deserves every day of his 31-years in prison.”

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