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Prosecutor Does His Part To Help County Deficit
February 18, 2011

Prosecutor Michael T. Gmoser is doing his part to help with Butler County’s struggling financial difficulties.

Prosecutor Gmoser met with Treasurer Nancy Nix this morning to return $1,901.97 to the County’s general fund. The money is compensation Gmoser received during his tenure as Interim County Prosecutor.

Prosecutor Gmoser stated, “I was honored to serve as Interim County Prosecutor when the Commissioner’s needed someone to fill the vacancy left by former Prosecutor Robin Piper. As a lifetime resident of Butler County, it wasn’t about the money, it was about my opportunity to step-up and be a public servant for the citizens of Butler County when they needed me.”

This is not the only contribution Prosecutor Gmoser will be making to help County finances. He also has opted to be a full-time prosecutor, while being compensated at a part-time pay level - saving the County an additional $37,386 annually.

“As our County struggles to make ends meet, I want to do everything I can to contribute towards a solution - while at the same time, assuring Butler County residents that my part-time pay status will not affect the level of professionalism or hard-hitting prosecutions residents have come to expect and deserve from our Office,” Prosecutor Gmoser concluded.

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