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Prosecutor Sets Record Straight
March 28, 2011

The Grand Jury process is as old as The Constitution of the United States and State of Ohio and is the cornerstone of our criminal justice system. This process must always be above reproach. The public must have the confidence that the Grand Jury system gets it right and is free from improper or illegal activity. Because of this, it is little wonder that the recent issue of Grand Jury irregularities has caught the attention of the media and is of great public interest. My expectation is that the media will not mislead the public as the issues unfold, but that is happening.

On my motions, a visiting Judge from Hamilton County recently ruled that the Grand Jury did not return indictments for certain criminal charges actually printed in the indictments. This finding is important because the judge noted that the indictments are not subject to a simple amendment and I noted that one of the defendants, the subject of one of the indictments, is now in prison perhaps partly or perhaps entirely because of a charge not considered by the Grand Jury.

The next step is to determine how this happened, who is responsible and how these cases can be corrected. A determination of how this happened and who is responsible will no doubt involve witnesses from my office of Prosecuting Attorney so I requested a Special Prosecutor be appointed and the Court appointed Dennis Adams, of Hamilton, Ohio, who has served as Special Prosecutor in the past. Yesterday, the Hamilton Journal News published a claim by Cincinnati criminal defense attorney Mike Allen that Dennis Adams is a member of my former law firm which is absolutely false and known to be false by the entire area legal community verifiable by a few keystrokes to Google. There have been and probably will continue to be a number of minor inaccuracies in the reporting of this continuing story which I have never felt necessary to correct, but it is unjust and intolerable to leave the impression in the minds of our citizenry that I would appoint a member of my former law firm to act as an independent special prosecutor in this matter. Ben Franklin wisely said that is “never wise to pick a fight with anyone who buys printers ink by the barrel”, but I expect the media to get it right just as they expect the same from me.

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