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Edward Cantrell Pleads Guilty to 55 Counts - Faces Over 130 Years Behind Bars
June 09, 2011
During July 29, 2004, through September 14, 2009, Edward Cantrell, committed a series of thefts from his employer, Fin Pan, Inc. and its wholly owned subsidiary, T. Clear, Inc. The defendant set up two bank accounts at a Kentucky bank. The accounts were in the names of two legitimate suppliers for the victim’s employer. However, the accounts were set up and controlled by the defendant and not by the legitimate suppliers. The defendant succeeded in transferring funds in excess of three million dollars into the accounts for his own use and benefit. The transfers were accomplished through a series of checks and wire transfers. The defendant covered his actions by representing the payments to be legitimate payments to the real supplies.

Edward Cantrell pled guilty to all 55 counts and now faces more than 120 years in prison for his crimes. Mr. & Mrs. Clear were on hand in court with Assistant Prosecutor Dan Ferguson, Chief of the Prosecutor’s White Collar Crime Section, as the man who brought so much pain and devastation to their lives admitted his guilt.

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