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How The Public See Us Through Our Victim Advocates
August 24, 2011

The Butler County Prosecutor’s Office not only includes attorneys and support staff, but also a dedicated staff of Victim Advocates who devote their efforts to assisting victims in countless ways. Following a recent hearing, a citizen wrote the following to our office:

“My family and I want to thank you for all of the work that you and your staff did for us in the recent Grand Jury case that involved our granddaughter. Your secretary, Sandy was very kind and courteous to all of us. Cindy Berry, your Victim Advocate, went above and beyond in making sure we knew what was going on and made all of us so comfortable in a bad situation. She is very, very competent and we appreciated her a great deal. Everyone, including yourself, took a great deal of stress off of us. We noticed that your staff was that way with others who were there also.”

“I am very proud of all of my staff, “ said Prosecutor Michael T. Gmoser, “However, our Victim Advocates are really a marvelous team of caring, compassionate, dedicated professionals who have an unwavering belief in the rights of victims. They are here to help them understand the legal system, learn about their options for assistance, but most importantly, they provide emotional support they so often need. I appreciate this individual taking the time to recognize their contribution to our legal system.”

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