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James Rose Found Guilty of Rape and AssaultJames Rose Found Guilty of Rape and Assault
September 07, 2011

A Butler County Jury took less than 2 hours to decide the fate of James Rose, 34. Rose was found guilty of rape, kidnapping and assault involving 2 victims after a 2 day trial in front of Judge Patricia Oney.

Rose sexually assaulted the first victim outside Bill’s Firehouse and an hour later assaulted a second woman who had allowed him to use her cell phone.

“This was a difficult case due to the fact that the rape occurred after the victim and defendant had been dancing together in the bar earlier in the evening,” said Assistant Prosecutor David Kash. “But once the jury heard her terrified voice on the 911 call, it was obvious this was not a consentual act between acquaintances. We are very glad the jury was able to see the truth.”

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