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Fairfield Businessman Tom Burer Sentenced to Spend 60 Days in Jail
September 27, 2011

Judge Craig Hedric sentenced Fairfield businessman Tom Burer to 60-days in the Butler County Jail for his leading role in a campaign tampering case involving Fairfield School Board Member Sharon Ko that ultimately led to her resignation from the board. The tampered records were the campaign finance reports dealing with the source of Ko’s campaign funds.

“Campaign Finance Reports are government records,” explained Prosecutor Michael T. Gmoser, “and tampering with those records by falsification is a felony. Thanks to the additional hard work and diligence of Assistant Prosecutor Dan Ferguson, we have taken a bite out of crooked politics here in Butler County.“

Judge Hedric also considered the fact that the election process had been compromised when he imposed sentencing.

“Corruption has no place in the politics of Butler County,” stated Gmoser. “It doesn’t matter what party or what race. If you can’t play it straight, don’t play at all! Butler County needs and deserves the best from its elected officials.”

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