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Summer Salm Sentenced on 2 Counts of Theft By Deception
October 06, 2011

Assistant Prosecutor Susan Schultz helped cease Defendant Summer Salm’s repetitive embezzlements from medical offices on October 5th when Judge Michael Sage sentenced Summer Salm to 15-months in prison. Thirty-four old Summer Salm was convicted of two counts of theft by deception after engaging in an elaborate scam where she manipulated the billing records of the West Chester Dental Offices of Dr. Joel Koch, and violated Dr. Koch’s trust by pocketing over $26,500. West Chester Detective Jim Thomas exemplified extraordinary investigative skills which secured Salm’s conviction.

“This was an outstanding effort by our White Collar team,” said Prosecutor Michael T. Gmoser. “It takes a lot of diligence and keen investigative skills to put together a successful financial fraud case, and with the assistance of Detective Thomas, Assistant Prosecutor Schultz was able to present a very clear case to the jury.”

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