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12th District Affirms Blankenburg Conviction
March 26, 2012

The convictions of former pediatrician Mark Blankenburg for multiple child sex- and drug-related offenses has been affirmed by the Twelfth District Court of Appeals. In 2009, following a jury trial, Blankenburg was convicted of repeatedly committing sex offenses against his patients. He would then silence his young victims by giving them either money or drugs.

Blankenburg appealed his convictions to the Twelfth District Court of Appeals, based in Middletown, Ohio. Blankenburg’s lawyers argued that the convictions should be reversed because the indictment was “duplicitous” and because the trial court should not have permitted the jury to view 4,000 pictures depicting child erotica. Those pictures were a small percentage of the more than 40,000 photos found in Blankenburg’s home.

Michael A. Oster, Jr., Chief of the Appellate Division of the Butler County Prosecutor’s Office, and Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Donald R. Caster represented the State of Ohio before the Twelfth District. The appellate court took the unusual step of ordering an extended oral argument, signaling the importance of the case and the complexity of the issues involved.

The Twelfth District affirmed all aspects of Blankenburg’s convictions and sentences. If he serves the maximum sentence imposed by Butler County Common Pleas Court Judge Keith Spaeth, he will be released in 2035. In addition, as a Tier II sex offender, Blankenburg will be required to register his address with the county sheriff every 180 days for 25 years after his release.

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