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APA Michael A. Oster, Jr.To Receive Award
May 24, 2012

Michael A. Oster, Jr., Assistant Butler County Prosecutor and Chief of the Appellate Division has been selected to receive the Board of Directors’ Appellate Award for Outstanding Advocacy in Capital Cases 2011-2012 from the Association of Government Attorneys in Capital Litigation. This award will be presented on Wednesday, July 23, 2012 during the "Best of the Best" Presentation at the 33nd Annual Summer Conference of the Association of Government Attorneys in Capital Litigation.

In recommending Michael to the Association, Prosecutor Gmoser specifically pointed out Michael’s appellate work in the case of Von Clark Davis. In the Davis case, Michael successfully argued that the Ohio Revised Code allows a completely new three judge panel to rehear and resentence a person capitally after their case has been remanded back by an appellate court. This Ohio Supreme Court decision is now the lead decision in Ohio interpreting R.C. § 2929.06(B), and as such, all prosecutors and victim’s in Ohio can now benefit from Michael’s tremendous work.

Prosecutor Gmoser also commended Michael for his outstanding work in other capital cases such as: obtaining a denial of Clemency for Kenny Smith, obtaining a guilty as charged plea from Asuncion Avila-Villa, and legally diverse appellate work in the cases against both Greg Osie and Calvin McKelton. The citizens of Butler County should take great pride in knowing that the Butler County Prosecutor's Office by this award has received national recognition with a team member among the best of the best regarding appeals involving the worst crimes imaginable.

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