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Prosecutor's Office Proud To Be Part of a Winning Team
August 17, 2012

The recent status report published by the Butler County Child Support Enforcement Agency is great news for the children of Butler County, the Butler County CSEA, the Butler County Sheriff's Office, and the Butler County Prosecutor's Office. The Prosecutor's Office is proud of its involvement on this winning team. With Butler County ranking 1st amount Ohio's 88 counties in the area of arrears collection, it shows how county-wide agencies working together can have remarkable results.

The Felony Non-Support division of the Prosecutor's Office works closely with the CSEA and law enforcement to locate and prosecute parents who fail to comply with court ordered support for their children.

"Putting parents behind bars is not the focus of our prosecution of these cases," stated Prosecutor Michael T. Gmoser. "But, if that is where they end up for not accepting the responsibility of supporting their children, it may serve as a wake-up call."

Assistant Prosecutor Lee Oldendick, Chief of the Felony Non-Support Division in the Prosecutor's Office, agrees with Gmoser. "Bringing the deadbeat parents to justice has been very rewarding," says Oldendick. "Parents need to know we are very serious about ensuring that children are being financially supported by both their parents."

Regarding the teamwork between the two agencies, Gmoser is very proud of the work his staff does. "Since 2009, indictments from our office have nearly doubled for Felony Non-Support cases. The cooperation between the Butler County CSEA, the Butler County Sheriff's Office, and our office is notable," said Gmoser. "Knowing we are there to help locate absent parents and more than willing to offer jail-time as a deterrent for neglecting their financial responsibility for children has proven to CSEA we are a dedicated player on their winning team. "

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