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Virginia man indictment contains 8 counts of Rape and 8 counts of Gross Sexual Imposition
October 04, 2006

Press Release For Immediate Release September 27, 2006

(Hamilton, Ohio) “Its just too extraordinary. It's hard to keep quiet,” proclaimed Butler County Prosecutor Robin Piper.

Piper further stated, “This is exceptional police work and these detectives need to be commended. Detective Fred Shuemake and Detective Janice Jones (formally Brown) followed up on the report of an inappropriate touching and traveled to Virginia to interview a suspect. This has resulted today in an Indictment containing 8 counts of Rape and 8 counts of Gross Sexual Imposition. In interviewing the suspect, Detectives Shuemake and Jones unearthed many, many other incidences which took place in Virginia. He has created a string of victims over the last decade. Jonathon Utin has been molesting children for over 30-years. The driven commitment of Detectives Shuemake and Jones has resulted in the arrest and prosecution of an extraordinary monster feeding upon our children. The public needs to know of Detectives like Shuemake and Jones, who work diligently and will even travel out of state to pursue a thorough investigation. In this case, the results were amazing. While budget constrains are inflicted on many law enforcement agencies I would also like to commend the Middletown Administration who allowed Detectives Shuemake and Jones to pursue this predator even though he was out of state. I know it took extra resources, hours and dollars to pursue this criminal, but it was worth it-a real monster has been taken off the streets.”

Utin taught science and math in Virginia to middle school students, coached gymnastics, led star gazing trips for students, taught Sunday school classes, managed a swim club, and involved himself in numerous activities to put himself in contact w/ children.

“These insidious predators make me inflamed with anger. The perversion they manipulate and inflicted on innocent children makes me sick. We’ll prosecute to the fullest extent of the law, seeking a life term in prison. As a result of Detectives Shuemake and Jones exposure of Utin’s conduct, he will also be prosecuted in Virginia, but not until we are done with him,” Piper concluded.

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