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Prosecutor Michael T. Gmoser Addresses House in Support of HB49
March 14, 2013

In support of House Bill 49, introduced by Reps. Mike Dovilla and Wes Retherford, Butler County Prosecutor Michael T. Gmoser joined Ohio Attorney General Mike Dewine in Columbus on Wednesday, March 13, 2013 to testify in support of bill aimed at protecting Ohio's growing senior population.

House Bill 49 expands the definition of “elder abuse” to include financial harm and will create a means to identify and track patterns of elder abuse. HB49 will also provide for continuing training for caseworkers as well as developing educational materials to assist mandatory reporters. The bill also seeks to make permanent the Elder Abuse Commission, whose purpose is improve public policy, funding and programming

Current law focuses on the physical abuse of the elderly, but in our more modern society, financial exploitation of seniors is on the rise and must be addressed. Reps. Mike Dovilla and Wes Retherford have authored H.B. 49 to help in this regard.

Speaking before the Ohio General Assembly today, Butler County Prosecutor Michael T. Gmoser supported the bill. "Children and the elderly represent the most vulnerable segments of our society and, indeed, any society. Our obligation to protect them should never be challenged and be supported with meaningful legislation. H.B. 49 does just that for our elderly citizens," stated Gmoser

"Bankers, investment advisors, physicians, nursing home caregivers and all others involved with the elderly need the protections provided by HB 49 so their voices can be heard and not muted by the fear of reprisal."

Prosecutor Gmoser has been an advocate for the elderly since taking office in February, 2010, bringing together the law enforcement community, elderly services providers, and the business community in forming the Butler County Crimes Against the Elderly Task Force nearly 18 months ago. Gmoser has taken his message to the people, speaking several times a month to retirement, church and business groups and several service organizations, as he continues to warn the elderly about scams, identity theft, and elder abuse in an effort to increase their awareness of how and why seniors become targets.

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