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Kudos to Civil Division Chief Roger Gates
July 31, 2013

We have always recognized the invaluable contribution of Roger Gates, Chief of the Civil Division, brings to our office, but rarely does a citizen take the time to write a note of appreciation for a job well done. When we receive such a letter, it is with great pride we choose to share the kudos with the public.

Retired St. Clair Township Zoning Administrator Jerry Lanich sent such a letter to our office, assuring Butler County Prosecutor Mike Gmoser that Mr. Gates had represented St. Clair Township well during his 12 years as zoning administrator, always with patience and profound knowledge of the issues.

"I know I have the most dedicated and knowledgeable staff around," said Prosecutor Gmoser. "But when the public also recognizes it, we know we have achieved success."

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