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Animal Shelter Floor Dispute Settled
August 30, 2013

Butler County Assistant Prosecutor Dan Ferguson is pleased with the end result of a lengthy dispute between the Butler County Commissioners on behalf of the Butler County Animal Shelter and the installers of the epoxy flooring at the Animal Shelter. The Butler County Animal Shelter, which opened in August, 2009, has been plagued with flooring issues, rendering the facility unsafe for animals and workers alike. "The damage to the floor has made it virtually impossible to provide a clean environment at this facility," stated Ferguson. "We are pleased with the willingness of the contractors to work with us to resolve this situation for the safety and welfare of the animals and workers at the facility."

An apparent installation issue led to the delaminating of the epoxy flooring system soon after it was installed. This created a scenario which allowed bacteria and mold to grow between the layers of the flooring, putting the health and safety of both animals and workers at risk.

The difficulty in installing these types of epoxy flooring systems as well as the difficulty in repairing the floor led to many delays in resolving the issues. The settlement agreement provides the Commissioners with $95K in funding to address this situation.

Butler County Prosecutor Michael T. Gmoser agreed with Ferguson. "Now the Commissioners are able to move forward as they consider the options for having the floor repaired. We are very pleased with this outcome and it is always welcomed to be on the receiving end of a settlement."

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