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Deadbeat Dad Detained in Mississippi
August 30, 2013

Thanks to the continuing efforts of our investigative team, led by Investigator Mary Kern, Carl Climer was captured and is being held in a Lincoln County, Mississippi jail until he is returned to Butler County. Climer, who owes more than $74,000 in back child support, has evaded law enforcement since his indictment in 2001.

"We would prefer to have individuals with felony nonsupport warrants contact our office directly so we can get them in front of a judge and get their warrant served. If they are sitting in jail, they obviously cannot be working to pay their child support," stated Investigator Kern. "However, Mr. Climer did everything in his power to avoid his obligation."

"Our investigative team did an outstanding job," said Prosecutor Michael T. Gmoser. "Investigator Kern also enlisted the assistance of fellow investigator J.C. Kristanoff to locate and apprehend Climer. We are also grateful to the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office for holding Mr. Climer as he awaits extradition. When a nonsupport warrant reaches the felony level, we can and will pursue them anywhere in the U. S. Some individuals believe once they are out of Butler County or their children are over 18 years of age we won't pursue them. Not true!"

Climer's two children are now adults and doing well, thanks to the dedication of their mother.

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