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Butler County CSEA Tops In State Again In Collecting Child Support
December 17, 2013

Butler County's CSEA is again one of the top counties in Ohio for collecting support from deadbeat parents, collecting almost $60 million in 2013. The Office of the Butler County Prosecutor is pleased to be part of a program that encourages parents to be financially responsible for their children.

While prison is the last resort in the collection process, the court system has proven to be very effective in addressing the problem of deadbeat parents and working with those in arrears to enter into a program to help them combat their addictions and/or situations that prevent them from being fiscal participants in the lives of their children.

"Parents can be ordered to participate in programs that will enable them to become more productive, providing them with a better educational and financial opportunities, which allows them to have the means to support their children," stated Prosecutor Michael T. Gmoser. "It isn't always about sending someone to prison, though that can happen. Sometimes we need to force parents to make a better decision about how they want to live and the example they will be for their children."

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