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28 year old, Middletown man, pled guilty as charged today
March 07, 2007

Press Release For Immediate Release December 18, 2006

(Hamilton, Ohio) To avoid a trial schedule for Wednesday, Defendant Leslie Wayne McKinney, a 28 year old, Middletown man, pled guilty as charged today to Aggravated Robbery with a Gun Specification, Aggravated Burglary with a Gun Specification, and Theft.

On September 14, 2006, the victim, an 85-year old woman, had withdrew her savings of $5,000 to purchase an automobile. McKinney, a boyfriend of the victim’s grand-daughter, found out about the cash and broke into the grandmother’s Middletown home at gunpoint and stole her money. The defendant used the money to purchase drugs and was arrested after seeking treatment at a local hospital for an overdose.

McKinney was sentenced to 9 years in prison today by the Honorable Judge Patricia Oney. His prior convictions include, Breaking and Entering, Burglary and Trafficking in Drugs.

Prosecutor Piper stated, “The defendant tried to blame his problems on drugs, but yet he would steal from an 85-year old woman who never did anything to hurt him. Nine years in prison for doing drugs and being a thief is a long time, but his crimes are extremely disturbing. McKinney has been involved with the criminal justice system previously and some people just don’t take the hint. A lengthy sentence like this may be the only thing to get his attention. It is sickening to think about an elderly person being financial victimized, just so a drug appetite can be fed. Judge Oney did the right thing today in trying to send a message to this defendant and others — thievery and drugs will put you on a road to nowhere other than a long stay in jail.”

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