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Andres Gets Prison Sentence Instead of Community Control
February 13, 2015

Lisa Andres, a former Liberty Twp. woman who operated a vacation scam that cheated many local families out of thousands of dollars, recently learned that she will spend the next four years in prison. Andres used a wide net to victimize old friends, family members and neighbors. When trips disappeared, Andres relied on her sister’s illness as one of many excuses for not having the money to repay victims. Gloria Sigman, Assistant Prosecutor in White Collar and Crimes against the Elderly, stated that, "In many cases like this the defendant is charged with multiple lower level felony counts that would result in mandatory community control sentences rather than prison." The investigation disclosed, however, that Andres was accepting investments to support her ‘business’ which allowed for a count of Engaging in a Pattern of Corrupt Activity, a charge punishable by a prison sentence. After months of preparation and as many documents as one would find in a complex civil case, Andres entered a plea of guilty to the ‘Engaging’, as well as several additional counts, and agreed to over $100,000 in restitution, covering each of the victims’ theft. Gloria spent many hours pouring through the documents and interviewing victims and witnesses who lost not only their money, but suffered emotional stress and loss of trust as a result of Andres’ deceit. Several victims spoke at sentencing including the husband of a grandmother who planned a vacation with grandchildren, but is now in a wheelchair and unable to travel. Gloria attributes the success of the prosecution to the assistance of Butler County Sheriff's Detective Joe Nerlinger and Victim Advocate Vickie Cole of the Prosecutor's Office.

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