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$1.278 Million Child Support Collected in 2014
February 13, 2015

Criminal non-support team Mike Baker, Beth Collins and Mary Kern are recognized by Executive Director of CSEA, Ray Pater for their remarkable accomplishments in 2014 for collecting unpaid child support. His email to Prosecutor Mike Gmoser reads...

"The Butler County Prosecutor's Office had another amazing year in 2014, collecting child support for the children of Butler County. This office collected $1.278 million dollars in child support though they were handling the toughest of cases in which to collect support. This is truly a remarkable accomplishment in that these cases were thought as noncollectable using traditional civil collection techniques. The Butler County Child Support Enforcement Agency once again wants to thank Prosecutor Mike Gmoser, and his criminal non-support team of Mike Baker, Beth Collins, and Mary Kern for all that they do to support Butler County's Child Support Program." Sincerely, Ray Pater, Executive Director of CSEA

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