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Vote NO on Ohio Issue 1
October 12, 2018

Butler County Chiefs of Police Association

We, the members of the Butler County Chiefs of Police Association, have determined that it is imperative to stand together in opposition to State Issue 1 that was misleadingly titled by its backers as the “Neighborhood Safety, Drug Treatment, and Rehabilitation Amendment.” We stand together with the Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police, the Ohio Prosecuting Attorneys Association, the Ohio Common Pleas Judges’ Association and the Buckeye State Sheriff’s Association in encouraging voters to vote NO on Issue 1. Our reasons for opposing this initiative are aligned with these named partners and our local elected officials from Butler County that include Sheriff Richard K. Jones, Prosecutor Michael T. Gmoser, and Coroner Dr. Lisa Mannix.

This amendment has strong financial backing from a number of donors, most of whom are from outside of Ohio. This proposal will make the possession of deadly amounts of opioids and synthetic drugs a mere misdemeanor and make the prosecution of drug traffickers more difficult. A proposal of this sort should come as a change to the Ohio Revised Code and should not be a Constitutional amendment as it is proposed. Should this issue pass, we believe the consequences will be detrimental to the safety and security of our communities.

We, the Butler County Chiefs of Police Association, urge the voters to Vote NO on Issue 1.

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