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Ryan Weartz was found guilty as charged of Murder
April 19, 2007

Press Release For Immediate Release February 3, 2007

(Hamilton, Ohio) A Butler County jury was given the opportunity by Common Pleas Judge Pater to retire for the evening, yet they choose to continue deliberations with the commitment to reach a verdict in the Ryan Weartz trial. After three full days of trial and 6 ½ hours of deliberation, the jury rendered its verdict at midnight. Ryan Weartz was found guilty as charged of Murder, causing the death of Amity Gray. In the courtroom, as the verdict was read, family members of the defendant, as well as the victim’s family members and friends were present.

Prosecutor Piper stated, “Comments from members of the jury afterward made it clear that they understood how serious and grave their responsibilities were. The Prosecutor’s Office thanks this jury for seeing clearing to the truth and exercising immense dedication. We’ve lost a very beautiful young lady, with a very bright future, however, the jury did not allow the truth to be lost. Weartz’s acts were violent, cruel and clearly caused Amity’s death. In the trial, other acts of similar conduct showed the jury how Weartz operated in a relationship. The assistant prosecutors who tried the case did an outstanding job in preparation and presentation. Assistant Prosecutors Lance Salyers & Gloria Sigmon and Fairfield Detective Toby Williamson are to be commended ”

Prosecutor Piper also commented, “While I have had juries with the kind of commitment that let their deliberations go into the evening hours, I’ve never seen a jury go until midnight, as they did here. Our system is made up of people and this jury exercised extraordinary commitment.”

In the presence of family members, Ryan Weartz was sentenced by Judge Pater immediately after the verdict was delivered. When asked for comment, Weartz had nothing to say to the Judge or any of the family members present — he showed no remorse. Weartz was sentenced to life in prison with the eligibility for parole after 15 full years.

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