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Butler County Jury convicts repeat offender Clyde Sutton Jr.
August 27, 2007


A Butler County Jury (Aug 23..Thursday) took a little less than 4 hours to convict a repeat offender Clyde Sutton Jr. He was convicted on charges of Aggravated Robbery with a gun specification and a repeat violent offender specification and Having Weapons While Under Disability. The crime occurred on May 24, 2006 at the Discount Tobacco Store at 2564 Dixie Highway in the City of Hamilton. The Defendant entered the store armed with a firearm and stole approximately $4700. The identity of the Defendant remained a mystery until Crime Stoppers received a tip that the perpetrator was Clyde Sutton Jr. The store clerk at Discount Tobacco identified Defendant through a photo lineup. Detective James Smith, of the Hamilton Police Department, then showed the surveillance video to the Defendant's parole officer, who also made a positive identification of Clyde Sutton Jr. The Defendant committed this offense while on parole for a Murder charge he was convicted of back in 1989. The Defendant was paroled in early January 2006.

The Defendant was immediately sentenced to 23 years in prison to be served consecutively to a 2 year prison commitment the Defendant is already serving for Having Weapons While Under Disability and consecutive to the life sentence the Adult Parole Authority re-instituted on the Defendant because of the sentence he received previously for murder.

Prosecutor Piper stated "Crime Stoppers works! The tip Hamilton Police received from Crime Stoppers got the ball rolling, resulting in an ironclad investigation and our subsequent conviction. Crime Stoppers helps take dangerous and violent criminals off the streets. When the Hamilton Police got done, there was no doubt that Sutton was our man. He has no regard for the law and is the type of individual that simply has to be separated from the rest of society. We deeply appreciate the jury's service and Judge Hedric's sentence which will allow us to be safe from this dangerous, violent repeat offender".

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