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Daniel Ripperger was found guilty of bank robbery and receiving stolen property
October 03, 2007

Press Release For Immediate Release October 3, 2007

(HAMILTON, OH) Daniel Ripperger, 36, of Cincinnati, "the silent robber" was found guilty yesterday by a jury in Judge Nastoff's courtroom of bank robbery and receiving stolen property.

On February 16, 2007, at approximately 2:20 pm, the lone robber walked into the PNC bank on Union Centre Blvd in West Chester and patiently waited for a teller. When directed to the head teller's station he silently placed a hand printed note before the teller that read: "This is a hold up. Give me the money in your drawer." She handed him all the twenties in her drawer and a pack of "bait" money that contained a tracking device. Leaving the note, the robber quietly turned and walked out. Within seconds police began tracking the robber's movements on Union Centre heading toward I-75. The robber's description taken from the bank's surveillance tape was relayed by West Chester Detective Andrew Schweier to the searching officers. From the description, officers quickly recognized Ripperger as the bank robber as he sat alone in his truck stopped in traffic. He was removed from the truck and a quick search of the truck's interior uncovered the tracking device and the $1140 in twenties stolen from the bank. Also found in the truck was a "robbery kit" containing the blue cap and glasses he wore during the robbery as well as blank note cards, two Sharpies pens used to print the robbery note, and another hand printed note that stated: "This is a hold up."

Prosecutor Piper stated, “Watching too many movies will make someone think its easy to rob a bank, but its not. This man will go to prison because he didn’t want to work and instead became a thief. The West Chester Police were on top of this robbery from the get-go and quickly apprehended the suspect.”

Prosecutor Piper concluded by saying, We are grateful for the jury’s verdict because thieves hurt all of us and need to be put away.”

Much like during the robbery Ripperger remained silent throughout the trial and now faces up to five years in prison on the robbery charge and one year on the receiving charge when he stands before Judge Nastoff on November 16 for sentencing. In meantime, he will be facing another judge for a February 14th bank robbery in Hamilton County.

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