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Robin Piper announces the successful prosecution of a father/son thief team
November 01, 2007

Press Release For Immediate Release October 31, 2007

(Hamilton, Ohio) Butler County Prosecutor Robin Piper announced today the successful prosecution of a father/son thief team. Samuel Ray Miller was sentenced to prison for 18 months and his son, Samuel James Miller was sentenced to 6 months in jail.

Sam Ray Miller was convicted before a jury of Breaking and Entering and 2 counts of Theft. His son, Samuel James Miller was convicted of 2 counts of theft. Mr. Miller owned a trapping business and used this business to gain access to the victim’s farm. Once on the farm, the father and son duo attempted to “clean out” her garage by taking items for their scrap value. After making numerous police reports, Monroe Police Department caught Miller and his son in act.

Prosecutor Piper stated, “The victim was a widowed lady who worked full-time, thus making her farm more susceptible to thieves. This type of case needs to be fought hard, its about more than the value of scrap metal. It about the invasion of privacy and the right to be secure on your own property. I am proud of Detective Curlis of the Monroe Police Department and Assistant Prosecutor Jason Phillabaum, who both put in extraordinary time and effort to make sure justice was done. Its not always about punishment - criminal deeds need to be accounted for and the rights of victims need to be protected.”

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