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Man Facing 95 Years In Prison Only Receives 2 Years
November 09, 2007

Man Facing 95 Years In Prison Only Receives 2 Years

Jean Smolders was found guilty on ten counts of downloading child pornography, a second degree felony, after having a trial. He had pled guilty to ten counts of possessing child pornography, a felony four.

Smolders was arrested by Detective Richard Sweeney of the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office on March 26, 2006 after Smolders solicited and attempted to meet Detective Sweeney, who had been posing online as a fourteen year old female. The purpose of the meeting was for sexual activity. As a result of Smolders arrest, the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office confiscated Smolders computer from his residence in West Chester, Butler County, Ohio. A forensic analysis of his computer showed that Smolders transferred numerous images of child pornography from the internet on to his computer. West Chester Detective Andrew Schweier interviewed the defendant who admitted to downloading the child pornography stating he was addicted to child pornography.

Smolders appeared before Butler County Judge Keith Spaeth who sentenced Smolders to 2 years. During the sentencing Judge Spaeth indicated that the images was horrific and very disturbing. Prosecutor stated " There is nothing more haunting than the images observed in child pornography. These pictures are so twisted it's difficult to put in words. We aggressively prosecute these cases because it's some of the worst stuff I've seen in my twenty years of prosecuting."

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