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December 14, 2007

Press Release For Immediate Release December 13, 2007


(HAMILTON, OH) Prosecutor Robin Piper proudly announces that the Butler County Prosecutors Office has been awarded a $30,315 Justice Assistance Grant (JAG), through the Ohio Office of Criminal Justice Services.

JAG funding will be used to maintain an advocate position within the Prosecutors Office Victim-Witness Division, Domestic Support Unit. This specialized advocated is available to assist domestic violence victims, law enforcement and prosecutors at the onset of felony domestic violence proceedings. An early intervention helps reduce the reluctancy and recanting of domestic violence victims during criminal proceedings, resulting in more successful prosecutions of domestic violence offenders.

A felony domestic violence advocate provides victims with courtroom support, along with educating victims as to resources available throughout the community to help keep them safe and protected even after prosecution has concluded.

In addition to victim support services, the felony domestic violence advocate provides information to the general public, law enforcement and students through public awareness.

Prosecutor Piper stated, “We see more and more domestic violence and it can be brutal and devastating with significant long term consequences. We must remain diligent in the fight against domestic violence, so that children don’t grow up only to perpetuate the violence on others. It’s a vicious cycle. An advocate focusing on felony domestic violence makes sense, so we are pleased to have the grant funding.”

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