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Andrew Mittower found guilty of Aggravated Theft, Money Laundering and Forgery following a two day trial
January 25, 2008

Press Release For Immediate Release January 25, 2008

(HAMILTON, OH) Andrew Mittower, 45, of West Chester will be spending the next six weeks in the Butler County Jail while he awaits sentencing on March 4, where he faces up to 13 years in prison. Yesterday, Judge Charles Pater revoked Mittower's bond after finding him guilty of Aggravated Theft, Money Laundering and Forgery, following a two day trial.

The convictions centered on his theft of over $100,000 of three West Chester residents’ retirement funds that they invested in an real estate venture that was nothing more than a scam. The investors testified how they gave Mittower over $140,000 to be used as seed money for purchasing land and building a urgent care medical center in West Chester. All testified how they trusted Mittower because of their established friendship with him, their common interest in tennis, and their belief that he was an attorney and heavily involved in various investment properties. In reality, Mittower surrendered his Indiana law license in 1997 shortly before his conviction and imprisonment on federal Bankruptcy fraud and perjury charges and his only investments were in poker tournaments.

Detective Steve Beck of West Chester Police Department led the criminal investigation, compiling mounds of documents and records that were presented to Prosecutor Robin Piper's white collar crime unit. Assistant Prosecutors Dan Ferguson and Lee Oldendick prosecuted the case.

Prosecutor Piper stated, “Our white collar crime unit has been extremely successful. We hate seeing people “bilked” out of their savings. Financial crimes have a host of devastating consequences. These con artist are charming, friendly, and good at talking. They gain your trust and confidence and then steal your life savings. This man deserves to spend a long time in prison.”

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