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Butler County Attorney Bradley M. Kraemer pled guilty before the Honorable Judge Thomas Nurre
February 01, 2008

Press Release For Immediate Release February 1, 2008

(HAMILTON, OH) Butler County Attorney Bradley M. Kraemer pled guilty today before the Honorable Judge Thomas Nurre, a visiting judge from Hamilton County, to one count of Theft, a felony of the fifth degree. Attorney Kraemer had been investigated as a suspect in stealing funds from the law firm in which he was employed, Lyons & Lyons in West Chester. In pleading guilty, Kraemer has agree to make full restitution and has already returned $5,300 to his previous employer. It is suspected he owes at least another $1,800, which will be paid prior to final disposition on March 11, 2008, at 10:30 AM.

Butler County Prosecutor’s Office is required to notify the Ohio Supreme Court and the Kentucky Supreme Court, where Kraemer is licenced to practice law. During the plea, Kraemer indicated that he was voluntarily suspending himself from the practice of law pending any final dispositions from the Supreme Courts of Ohio and Kentucky.

Kraemer was admitted to practice law in Ohio in 1998 and worked several years for Butler County Sheriff Don Gabbard before entering private practice. The 33-year old West Chester resident was represented by Attorney Greg Howard and had been working for Lyons and Lyons for the last several years.

Prosecutor Piper stated, “It hurts to see any man make an internal decision to become a thief. It hurts even more when the person is a profession and has the opportunity to make a living. In this case, we suspect his lifestyle and cost of living put him in debt beyond his means. Making restitution is a good start, but I’m not sure how you heal the damage done to the professional image of attorneys. Attorneys in general have the highest standards of integrity and have compassion while fighting for their clients. Its regrettable to see the attorney become the ‘client’ ”

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