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America's Most Wanted suspect plucked in Costa Rica
February 28, 2008

Press Release For Immediate Release February 28, 2008


(Hamilton, Ohio) In 2002 Hamilton Police Department Detective Mark Hayes conducted an investigation focusing on Lonnie Ted Crabtree. Charges were filed in 2002 in Hamilton Municipal Court for Importuning, a Fifth Degree Felony; Attempted Unlawful Sexual Conduct with a Minor, a Fourth Degree Felony; and Attempted Compelling Prostitution, a Fourth Degree Felony. In late 2002 Crabtree skipped out on his bond and disappeared. Despite extensive efforts from the Hamilton Police Department and the Butler County Prosecutor’s Office Crabtree could not be located. “America’s Most Wanted” profiled Crabtree on two separate occasions. Crabtree, at the time of his initial arrest, was a pilot for Mesaba Airlines.

Detective Hayes gathered information leading to Crabtree living with his family in Costa Rica, Central America. As a result of attempts to apprehend Crabtree, the Costa Rican authorities took Crabtree into custody February 15th, 2008. Crabtree has been deported from Costa Rica and has arrived today in Miami, Florida where he was taken into custody by the Miami Dade Police Department for extradition proceedings to Ohio.

Prosecutor Piper stated “Several federal agencies have aided the Prosecutor’s Office and the Hamilton Police Department in apprehending Crabtree. On behalf of the Hamilton Police Department and the Prosecutor’s Office, we would like to thank all those officials, as well as “America’s Most Wanted” for their valuable assistance in helping to capture Crabtree. While it took perseverance and steadfast commitment, Detective Hayes is the type of officer who gets his man. Besides the extra effort of Detective Hayes, we are compelled to single out, with appreciation, the work of Interpol Agent Jose Manuel Perez”.

Piper concluded by saying “We go full force against the perverts who think they can mess with children and get away with it. Hiding in another country won’t save you from prosecution. While it is expensive and time consuming, we will aggressively pursue those who want to abuse the innocent.”

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