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Shane Lee Bozeman Receives 8 Year Sentence for Rape of Son
September 24, 2008
Shane Lee Bozeman, a 39-year old Florida man, was convicted by a jury after two hours of deliberation on one count of Rape, a felony of the first degree. Bozeman molested his then-four year old son in 1998, when their family resided on Cleveland Avenue in Hamilton. Bozeman initially denied the allegations, indicating he, “....would never ever do anything to any child.” Two of Bozeman’s adult daughters traveled from Florida and contradicted that assertion. The older daughter indicated Bozeman had offered her money to have sex with him when she was fifteen. The younger daughter relayed two incidents where Bozeman had touched her sexually when she was seven. Prosecutor Piper stated, “It’s utterly sickening that a natural father would take advantage of and abuse his children. The trauma and the difficulties with which they have wrestled is unimaginable. This young teenager exhibited courage, character and strength by coming forward and revealing the reprehensible actions of his father. Thankfully, his sisters also exhibited similar courage in coming forward and talking about the ways in which their father tried to take advantage of them. Hopefully the jury’s verdict give the victims some peace-of-mind in knowing they did the right thing in coming forward. Although we only have one count here in Ohio because the other incidences took place in Florida, we are pleased with the jury’s verdict and the judge’s sentence.” Judge Sage sentenced Bozeman to a prison term of eight years and labeled Bozeman a Tier III sex offender, requiring him to register every ninety days for the rest of his life.
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