Scam Alerts From The Prosecutor's Office

Medicare/Healthcare Scam - Episode 3
March 28, 2017

“Hello, I am calling from the U.S. Department of Health in Washington D.C.” Immediately the caller has your attention and it must be true because the caller I.D. shows the correct area code. You continue to listen. Next, the caller says never give your social security number to a stranger, but you are merely asked to confirm your Medicare number so your medical coverage will not be interrupted. This seems reasonable and the caller even seems to be protecting you by the admonition. Lastly, the caller tells you that their records show you have seen a doctor lately, which you have, giving you a secure sense that the call is legitimate. How else would the caller know, if it was not true. The caller continues that without confirmation of your Medicare number or a new revised number, your doctor may not get paid and cause you problems. Happily you comply only to find out later your social security number was used to invade your bank account and wipe you out. What you did not know is that your Medicare number IS your social security number and everyone over 66 years of age has probably been to a doctor lately. The caller knew your age by looking you up on “birth date dot com” or a similar search and knew you likely had seen a doctor lately to lend legitimacy to the con and hence the crime. Like the I.R.S. scam, the government or any of its agencies will never call you and ask for identifying information. Never let your concern for your health care coverage override your knowledge that such calls are scams- nothing more and nothing less.

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