news from the Prosecutor's Office

Date Headline
10/12/2018 Vote NO on Ohio Issue 1
10/12/2018 "Wake Up America" Vote NO on Ohio Issue 1
05/10/2018 Jury Finds Daniel French Guilty of Barbara Howe's Murder
02/01/2018 ONE PUNCH!
01/31/2018 Prosecutor Gmoser: Addiction Services Can Use Mental Health Levy Funds
08/26/2015 UPDATE: Parents Get the 2015 Dangerous Apps List
05/26/2015 Vickie Cole-Martin, Victim Advocate Receives High Praises for Her Support
02/13/2015 $1.278 Million Child Support Collected in 2014
02/13/2015 Andres Gets Prison Sentence Instead of Community Control
01/22/2015 Icefest 2015
01/22/2015 10K Returned to County by Butler County Prosecutor
11/21/2014 Mary Ann Nardiello Recognized by MidPoint Library Trustees
09/22/2014 Butler County Prosecutor Speaks to Youth Philanthropy Committee About Heroin Addiction
09/11/2014 Scott Bissell Joins Butler County Prosecutor's Office
04/01/2014 APA Roger Gates Heralds Landmark Decisions for Butler County
03/27/2014 Assistant Prosecutor Stephens Recognized by DEA
12/17/2013 Butler County CSEA Tops In State Again In Collecting Child Support
08/30/2013 Deadbeat Dad Detained in Mississippi
08/30/2013 Animal Shelter Floor Dispute Settled
07/31/2013 Kudos to Civil Division Chief Roger Gates
04/02/2013 Roger Gates, Chief of Civil Division Receives Prestigious Award
03/14/2013 Prosecutor Michael T. Gmoser Addresses House in Support of HB49
01/16/2013 Charles Ray Edwards Pleads Guilty to Theft From An Elderly Person
01/15/2013 Butler County Recognized for "Best Overall Performance" by Ohio Office of Child Support
11/08/2012 Student Takes Responsibility for Rape Flyer
08/17/2012 Prosecutor's Office Proud To Be Part of a Winning Team
07/30/2012 Butler County Prosecutor Fairs Well At Butler County Fair
07/16/2012 Nicole Salinas Carroll Recognized For Outstanding Support
07/13/2012 Victim Advocate Receive Workshop Grant
06/29/2012 Wright Guilty of Aggravated Vehicular Homicide
05/24/2012 APA Michael A. Oster, Jr.To Receive Award
05/02/2012 Stephan Barnette Sentenced to 18-Years to Life in Shooting Death
05/02/2012 Assistant Prosecutor Greg Stephens Commended
03/26/2012 12th District Affirms Blankenburg Conviction
12/30/2011 17 1/2 Year Old To Be Charged With Murder Following Death At One Way Farm
12/27/2011 Assistant Prosecutor Greg Stephens Selected To Assist US Attorney's Office In Cincinnati
12/15/2011 No Charges To Be Filed Against Ross Twp. Officer Involved in Shooting
12/08/2011 Hampton Inn Pays Back Taxes
12/06/2011 Michael Carriero Guilty of Murder in 2006 Slaying of Mother
10/29/2011 Three's A Charm!!!
10/24/2011 ***UPDATE***Judge Sentences Bryan Freeze to 24 Years for String of Armed Robberies
10/06/2011 Summer Salm Sentenced on 2 Counts of Theft By Deception
09/27/2011 Fairfield Businessman Tom Burer Sentenced to Spend 60 Days in Jail
09/21/2011 Scam Artist Receives 18-Month Prison Sentence
09/15/2011 Michael Hall Found Guilty of Three Counts of Rape
09/13/2011 Assistant Butler County Prosecutor David Kash Achieves Back-To-Back Convictions
09/08/2011 Tom Burer Pleads Guilty to Campaign Fraud
09/07/2011 James Rose Found Guilty of Rape and AssaultJames Rose Found Guilty of Rape and Assault
09/02/2011 John Ravencraft Sentenced to 13 Years for Armed Robbery
08/24/2011 Chris Gibbs Sentenced To Three Years for Scam Against Elderly Man
08/24/2011 How The Public See Us Through Our Victim Advocates
08/24/2011 Melissa Spurlock Receives OSBA Certified Paralegal Status
08/09/2011 Prosecutor's Office Receives Grant
07/21/2011 Phillip Gray Guilty of Rape of 7-year Old Girl
07/20/2011 Assistant Prosecutor Dan Ferguson Honored
06/16/2011 Gang Member Sentenced to 23 Years+ in New Year's Eve Shooting
06/16/2011 Asst. Prosecutor Lance Salyers Receives Award
06/15/2011 43-Year Old Sentenced to 23 Years After Pleading Guilty to Pornography Charges
06/09/2011 Edward Cantrell Pleads Guilty to 55 Counts - Faces Over 130 Years Behind Bars
05/27/2011 Benjamin Vargo Pleads Guilty to 22 Counts of Rape
05/27/2011 Kevin Micomonaco Guilty of Endangering Children
03/28/2011 Prosecutor Sets Record Straight
02/18/2011 Prosecutor Does His Part To Help County Deficit
02/16/2011 Man Receives Life Sentence for Rape of 9-year-old Girl
09/21/2010 Kristina Hensley Pleads Guilty to Murder, Robbery
08/02/2010 Teenager Receives 31 Year Prison Sentence
06/24/2010 Death Penalty Indictment in Gang-Related Double Homicide
06/22/2010 Prosecutor's Office Reduces Budget
05/27/2010 Sean Warner Sentenced to 13 Years for Aggravated Robbery
05/26/2010 18-Year Old Earns 10 Years for Armed Robbery of Tom's Cigar Store
03/05/2010 Change In Law Needs Teeth
03/04/2010 25-Year Old Fairfield Man Sentenced to 5 Years for Pandering Involving a Minor
02/22/2010 Vincent Blanda Sentenced to Life For Murder of 5-month Old Daughter
02/19/2010 Michael Benge Scheduled For Execution on October 6, 2010
12/22/2009 Ante Indicted for 17th DUI
11/19/2009 32-Year Old Woman Guilty of Arson
11/13/2009 Thomas Joyce Receives 42-Years For Multiple Robberies
10/27/2009 Scott Hester Sentenced to 9 Years for Robbery Spree
09/16/2009 Michael Dale Phillips Sentenced for 12th DUI Conviction
07/17/2009 Charles D. McDonald Guilty of Felonious Assault
06/01/2009 Steven Toy Sentenced to 11 Years for Kidnap and Rape
04/04/2009 61-year old West Chester Woman Convicted of Obstructing Official Business
04/03/2009 Illegal Immigrant Found Guilty of Aggravated Vehicular Assault
03/11/2009 Hamilton Man Guilty of Illegal Use of Food Stamps
03/09/2009 Scott O. Brown Found Guilty Possession of Cocaine and Soliciting
03/02/2009 2009 Substance Abuse Prevention Project
02/26/2009 Jeffrey Briley, age 29 of West Chester, Sentenced
02/06/2009 Tier III Sex Offender Clint Nevitt Pleads Guilty To Rape and Gross Sexual Imposition
02/06/2009 Patrick Fincel Sentenced to 15 Years for Molesting 3 Children
02/02/2009 John Mulcher Sentenced to Life After Pleading Guilty to Multiple Charges
01/28/2009 Jury Finds William Drew Millwer Guilty in Drug Charges
01/28/2009 Sullivan Ford Sentenced to 18 Month For Assault on a Police Officer
01/26/2009 Blankenburg Indicted on 9 Additional Charges
11/07/2008 Christina Pawlowsky Sentenced to 3-Years for Aggravated Theft
11/07/2008 Christopher Landry Sentenced to 19 years-life for Rape and Gross Sexual Imposition
11/05/2008 Butler County Prosecutor Robin Piper announces the multiple count indictment of Otis Michael Kelly, 40, of Fairfield and Sudinia Johnson, 34, of Hamilton
11/05/2008 Butler County Prosecutor Robin Piper announces the multiple count indictment of Otis Michael Kelly, 40, of Fairfield and Sudinia Johnson, 34, of Hamilton.
11/04/2008 Jury Finds James O'Hara Guilty in Death Penalty Case
09/24/2008 Shane Lee Bozeman Receives 8 Year Sentence for Rape of Son
09/17/2008 James Britton Fitzhugh, age 20, Indicted for Rape of 21-month Old Toddler
09/12/2008 Cates Teams With Prosecutor Piper To Change County Mileage Reimbursement Law
09/11/2008 Cheyenne Blanton Sentenced to 44 Years For Terrorizing Disabled Woman
09/11/2008 Michelle Gabbard Receives Jail Time for Credit Union Theft
08/27/2008 Non-Support Investigator Makes Strides in Bringing "Deadbeat Parents" to Justice
08/15/2008 Life Sentence Causes Courtroom To Be Cleared
08/13/2008 Thirty-three year old Rod VanLoan of Fairfield, Ohio was found guilty of Endangering Children and Murder on August 8, 2008
06/12/2008 16-year old Hamilton juvenile sentenced to 31 years to life in prison
06/06/2008 Carlos Lopez Rodriguez found guilty of 2 counts of Abduction and Domestic Violence
05/30/2008 Penny Shepherd and Christine Hensley both entered into guilty pleas
04/09/2008 41-year-old Middletown resident receives fifth conviction for Domestic Violence
03/12/2008 Butler County Jury convicted Fortino Alvarez-Luna of Trafficking in Marijuana
02/29/2008 Prosecutor Robin Piper files an Application For Examination to determine if Auditor Kay Rogers has committed violations forbidden by law
02/28/2008 America's Most Wanted suspect plucked in Costa Rica
02/28/2008 Butler County Grand Jury has released a partial report
02/26/2008 Harvey Johnson was convicted by a jury after 40 minutes of deliberation
02/26/2008 Louis Bonilla pled guilty to the 2005 rape of a ten year old child
02/20/2008 Four separate defendants plea guilty rather than face a jury
02/15/2008 Butler County Prosecutor announced today the successful prosecution of dangerous criminals
02/15/2008 Simeon Coleman convicted of two counts of Assault on a Police Officer
02/13/2008 Richard Louis Wilhemly found guilty following a two day trial
02/01/2008 Butler County Attorney Bradley M. Kraemer pled guilty before the Honorable Judge Thomas Nurre
01/25/2008 Andrew Mittower found guilty of Aggravated Theft, Money Laundering and Forgery following a two day trial
01/04/2008 Prosecutor Robin Piper and Assistant Prosecutor Dan Eichel honored for their success in the prosecution of several members of a major drug enterprise
12/14/2007 Butler County Prosecutor Robin Piper announces the successful guilty conviction of three drug dealers
12/04/2007 19 year old convicted by a jury and immediately sentenced to prison for 6 years
11/29/2007 26-year old Middletown woman was found guilty of Obstructing Official Business by a Butler County Jury
11/26/2007 William Pfeiffer, who has 10 previous DUI convictions found guilty of Operating a Vehicle under the Influence (OVI) and Driving Under Suspension (DUS)
11/09/2007 Man Facing 95 Years In Prison Only Receives 2 Years
11/01/2007 Robin Piper announces the successful prosecution of a father/son thief team
10/31/2007 Cincinnati man was sentenced 16 years in prison on arson and burglary
10/19/2007 Presentation to discuss the correlation between domestic violence, animal abuse and child abuse
10/17/2007 Randall Cornett found guilty of 13 counts of Rape
10/16/2007 25-year old Hamilton man, was found guilty on charges of Kidnapping, Intimidation of a Witness, and Assault
10/15/2007 Jeremy Harris and Chance Tabor were sentenced for their roles in a pair of robberies of pizza delivery drivers
10/12/2007 West Chester man was found guilty of 20 counts of Pandering Sexually Oriented Matter Involving a Minor
10/12/2007 Thomas King Sims guilty of Unlawful Sexual Conduct with a Minor and Sexual Battery
10/10/2007 Derrick Aldridge, Jr. plead guilty to Felonious Assault before Judge Patricia Oney
10/10/2007 Charles Herbers found guilty and sentenced to 16 years in prison
10/05/2007 twenty-three year old Middletown man pled guilty as charged to two counts of Gross Sexual Imposition
10/03/2007 Daniel Ripperger was found guilty of bank robbery and receiving stolen property
10/01/2007 20 year old West Chester woman was found guilty of Rape and Gross Sexual Imposition with a twelve year old boy
09/13/2007 Self-Proclaimed Fire Bug Gets 15 Years to Life
09/13/2007 Robin Piper, Butler County Prosecutor, announces the conviction a 20 year-old Hamilton man
08/27/2007 Butler County Jury convicts repeat offender Clyde Sutton Jr.
08/21/2007 Kofi Gyekye entered guilty pleas to three counts of Rape
08/20/2007 22-year-old Forest Park man was sentenced to 18 ½ years
08/17/2007 Customer Catches Crook
08/13/2007 James E. Craft, convicted of aggravated murder in June of 2006, recently lost an appeal of his conviction
08/12/2007 Christopher Thomas plead guilty as charged
08/09/2007 20 year old, Middletown man, was found Guilty of Murder and two counts of Aggravated Arson by a Butler County jury
08/06/2007 54-year old Middletown man guilty of attempted rape
08/03/2007 19-year old Middletown residents convicted by a Butler County Jury
08/01/2007 55-year-old Hamilton man pled guilty as charged to three counts of Attempted Murder
06/11/2007 29-year-old Middletown woman, was found guilty of Obstructing Official Business
05/09/2007 41-year-old resident of Dayton, OH, was convicted of a fifth degree felony
05/07/2007 Vanloan charged with murder by Fairfield Police Department
05/04/2007 Deborah J. Gibson was found guilty by a Butler County jury
04/20/2007 Kevin Cobb was found Guilty on 16 criminal counts
04/19/2007 26 year old illegal immigrant, receives seven year sentence
04/19/2007 Ryan Weartz was found guilty as charged of Murder
03/22/2007 42 year old Monroe man received a maximum sentence of 40 years
03/12/2007 Saundra Taggart found guilty on charges of Trafficking in Drugs
03/12/2007 Purse snatcher gets 15 years
03/12/2007 65 year old, Blacksburg, Virginia man pled guilty as charged
03/07/2007 Ryan Weartz was found guilty as charged of Murder
03/07/2007 Jose Yanez found guilty on three counts of Forgery
03/07/2007 49-year old Hamilton man was found guilty of Assault
03/07/2007 Brian Harris was found guilty as charged of Possession of Cocaine
03/07/2007 28 year old, Middletown man, pled guilty as charged today
03/07/2007 The prosecution of a major drug ring in Butler County is coming to a close
03/07/2007 20 year old Waynesville man, now faces over six years in prison
10/04/2006 Virginia man indictment contains 8 counts of Rape and 8 counts of Gross Sexual Imposition
09/18/2006 Two Butler County jury trials conclude, both resulting in guilty verdicts against separate Defendants
08/23/2006 Timothy Dick sentenced to 4 years in jail for attempted kidnaping in Butler County
08/23/2006 Howard Fletcher received a 15 year prison sentence by Common Pleas Judge Charles Pater
08/11/2006 Jason Jones was sentenced to a mandatory 20 year prison term
08/10/2006 Jury finds Ronald Lee Pruitt, guilty of Felonious Assault...
07/13/2006 The Prosecutor’s Office announces today the indictment of Sheila Marshall
06/08/2006 Butler County jury finds Christopher Wyatt guilty of Aggravated Arson, Grand Theft, Felonious Assault, and Aggravated Menacing.
06/06/2006 23-year old illegal immigrant sentenced to 8 months in prison
03/07/2006 Middletown resident pled guilty to beating and robbing 91 year old woman
03/06/2006 Jason Robert Kontout, a 23 year old Middletown man, now faces over 100 years in jail for his involvement in crime spree
03/03/2006 Keith Kayler, a 55-year old Hamilton Man Receives 15-year Sentence
02/22/2006 Career criminal sentenced to 4 years in prison.
02/22/2006 Sexual predator Termain D. McIntosh was sentenced to prison for 10 years.